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The Bullpup Missile medium high power model rocket kits shown will fly on our H-J model rocket motors with level 1 or level 2 certification!  We offer H-K high power model rocket engines for Level 1 or Level 2  with either National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli. 

Bullpup Missile
Public Enemy sportscale
high power model rocket kit.
4" by 60" tall for H-J
model rocket motors.

Features a 38mm motor mount,
1/4" plywood fins, payload bay,
36" ripstop nylon parachute,
US AIR FORCE vinyl decal.

Flying weight without model rocket engine approx 3.5 pounds.

Model rocket engine not included


Only $75.95

Public Enemy Bullpup High Power Model Rocket

 For more information email us at info@scalerockets.com or call us at 1(760)224-0950

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