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Parachutes & Nomex Blast Shields!

We offer high quality paneled spherical nylon parachutes, regular nylon parachutes and re-usable Nomex shields for parachute ejection charge shielding.

Our Spherachute paneled parachutes can be ordered in a variety of custom color combinations and are suitable for larger high power model rockets.
The unique shape of these parachutes also resists tangling!

For the budget minded...we offer high quality sewn nylon regular parachutes for small to medium power rockets. These are also available in several solids colors.

Spherachute Logo

Spherachute Paneled Parachutes!

All Spherachutes parachutes are made with 1.9oz coated rip-stop nylon.
The panels are sewn into a spherical shape with a spill hole in the top.

24" thru 36" Sperachutes have 6 panels and shroud lines.
48" thru 72" Sperachutes have 8 panels and shroud lines.
84" thru 120" Sperachutes have 12 panels and shroud lines.
144" thru 192" Sperachutes have 18 panels and shroud lines.

For Spherachute parachute size & weight recommendations use our Parachute Chart

Spherachute Paneled Parachute

24" Spherachute
Only $17.00

30" Spherachute
Only $19.00

36" Spherachute
Only $21.00

48" Spherachute
Only $34.00

60" Spherachute
Only $44.00

72" Spherachute
Only $58.00

84" Spherachute
Only $85.00

96" Spherachute
Only $105.00

120" Spherachute
Only $130.00

144" Spherachute
Only $165.00

168" Spherachute
Only $190.00

192" Spherachute
Only $250.00

Spherachute Logo

Spherachute Regular Parachutes!

The 12" & 15" parachutes come in 1.1oz uncoated orange rip-stop nylon only.
These will pack into a small body tube of model rocket.

The 18" and above parachutes come in 1.9oz coated rip-stop nylon.

All Sperachutes regular parachutes use come with 8 shroud lines.

For Spherachute parachute size & weight recommendations use our Parachute Chart

Spherachute Regular Parachute

12" Parachute
Only $5.00

15" Parachute
Only $5.50

18" Parachute
Only $6.00

24" Parachute
Only $7.00

30" Parachute
Only $9.00

36" Parachute
Only $14.00

48" Parachute
Only $20.00

60" Parachute
Only $25.00

Spherachute Logo

Nomex Parachute Blast Shields!

Spherachutes Nomex blast pads are made of a flexible fabric with
excellent heat resistance that can be used over and over again.
Just loop the shock cord through the button hole in the Nomex blast shield
about  1 to 2 body tube diameters above the edge of the body tube.
Push your parachute into the blast shield and then into the body tube.
 Much easier to use than messy recovery wadding.
They can even be washed between flying days!

The 4" and 6" sizes are not hemmed so they can be used for smaller model rockets!
The 6" and larger sizes are round and hemmed with Nomex thread.
The button holes of all sizes are hemmed.

Pick a size about 3 times the body tube diameter.

4" Nomex Shield
Only $3.00

6" Nomex Shield
Only $4.50

9" Nomex Shield
Only $5.00

12" Nomex Shield
Only $6.00

18" Nomex Shield
Only $9.00

24" Nomex Shield
Only $12.00

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